Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia. It borders the Great Rift Valley and is the countries commercial and cultural hub. Unlike our partner communities in Kenya, Addis is an ubran landscape filled with busy streets, tall buildings and a variety of street vendors selling various goods. The population is a mix of social, cultural and economic populations. It is not uncommon to see a large mansion directly adjacent to a slum or small compound of shanty homes built of corrugated metal and cloth.

Oftentimes men, women and families move from the rural areas to Addis Ababa in search of work. While the men and women want to work they are often met with unexpected challenges. Illiteracy, language barriers and a lack of education leave many going door to door in search of odd jobs. Many husbands also leave their wives and children for other women. This leaves women in vulnerable positions with no way to care or provide for their children.

COME UNITY began working in Ethiopia in 2012. Through child sponsorship, children are provided the opportunity to go to school. Since education is not free in Ethiopia the child sponsorship program begins at pre-kindergarten. Many of the children come from homes where only the mother is present or where an extended relative is caring for and raising the children.

COME UNITY has sat with many of the parents and guardians and listened to their stories. Stories of husbands leaving the wives and children behind, stories of the husbands abusing and stealing the small amount of food or money the family has, stories of children being beaten by wealthy families while their mother tries to find work in the home, stories of children being chased away from school because they do not have their fees and so much more. Education not only provides opportunities for future success and opportunity but it ensures that during the day children are in safe environments where they are being mentored, cared for and fed. COME UNITY is committed to ensuring that the most vulnerable children in Addis Ababa are given the opportunity to thrive.

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