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It takes many hands to keep COME UNITY running and we’re always looking for new talent to join our team. Whether you have the gift of writing, organizing, hosting, rallying, fundraising, or just want to learn more about the unique challenges of working in East Africa, we have a place for you! Starting out from a single dance event in 2007 to becoming a fully operational non-profit, COME UNITY was founded on and has grown through this simple principle: Take what you know and use it for good.

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    Our Volunteers

    "I love volunteering with COME UNITY because I see how raised funds directly improve living conditions and outlooks in communities served, I feel encouraged by the integration of my community members from various backgrounds to support others, my skills are valued in meeting the needs of the organization, and our director brings only the finest snacks to planning sessions!"

    Yasya Polyakova, Harambee Volunteer

    "The relationships I gained through serving in COME UNITY have been some of the most encouraging and life giving ones. Although our serving was short term the joy and strength I found through it was big"

    Matthew Scott, 6k Volunteer

    "I volunteer with COME UNITY because I see the genuine desire to help those who are less fortunate. Knowing you are working with amazing people for an amazing purpose is fulfilling. I was pleasantly surprised with the support and kindness I have received from the leaders and other volunteers of this organization!"

    Taylor Ames, 2017 Intern

    "The most impactful part of my experience has been seeing pictures and videos of the finished products. Every year I help with the 6k and when videos come out of the new boreholes it's amazing to think that they were paid for because of my team's efforts."

    Maureen Dollard, 6k Volunteer and Massai Bead Project Leader

    "The most impactful part of volunteering is the final results of all the hard work that has been put into the 6k. The smiles and joy seen on our participants match the smiles and joy of the people who have received their clean water wells."

    Becky Rinehart, 6K Fort Wayne Leader

    "We love how COME UNITY is so focused on helping a group or village become self-sustaining. The ability to volunteer in our own little "village" in a way that truly makes an impact a world over has been a privilege for us."

    Erin Glassley, Harambee and 6k Fort Wayne Volunteer