Why Education

COME UNITY believes that everyone deserves an education. Education allows future generations to grow up with opportunities, knowledge. and hope not afforded to previous generations. Through education, families can be lifted from poverty and into self-sufficiency. COME UNITY is committed to bringing the opportunity of education to the most at-risk children in our partner communities.

Oftentimes, the only thing preventing a child from going to school is a lack of money. Unlike many developed countries, school is not free. Expenses such as registration, monthly tuition, uniforms, books, and supplies prevent children of low-income families from attending school. These children become young adults without the knowledge or specialized skills they need to provide for themselves and later their families. This repeated cycle holds families in poverty generation after generation.

COME UNITY has responded to this cycle by implementing a child sponsorship program. Our lead project advisors in Ethiopia and Kenya identify the most at-risk children in their communities. These children are paired with donors whose 47 dollars a month provides the real hope of a financially stable future to a child and her family.

In 2016 COME UNITY began a university scholarship for secondary school graduates in Kenya. Many of our sponsored young women test high on their final exam and get admitted to university. Prior to 2016, almost all of these scholars were unable to secure funding to attend university. Our University Scholarship Program now provides promising female scholars access to higher education and a bachelor’s degree in a specialized field.

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The Facts


    72% of Ethiopian girls and 51% of boys in the lowest economic class do not have access to any form of education.

    Source: Ethiopian DHS



    57% of Kenyan women have had no secondary school education.

    Source: Kenyan DHS



    In Kenya, 1 in 16 children born to uneducated mothers die before the age of five. In Ethiopia that number is 1 in 8.

    Source: Kenyan DHS
    Source: Ethiopian DHS


Our Response

  • Because school is not free, COME UNITY’s Child Sponsorship Program in Ethiopia begins in pre-kindergarten. Many families cannot afford the fees to send even their youngest children to school.

  • COME UNITY’s Child Sponsorship Program is committed to providing equal opportunity in education. COME UNITY gives girls in Kenya the opportunity to stay in school.

  • In 2016 COME UNITY launched a University Scholarship Program that provides young women graduating from the secondary school sponsorship program the opportunity to compete for a university scholarship and pursue a meaningful career and a higher quality of life.


We Provide:

  • School Tuition and Registration Fees
  • Uniforms
  • Books and School Supplies
  • Mentorship
  • Visitation Fee: To enable our local leaders to visit and assess each child at least once per month
  • Tutoring as Needed
  • Other Basic Supplies: Such as socks, underwear and medicine as necessary

words from

Our Sponsored Children

"Being able to report to school and continuously focus on my studies without being sent home to collect fees is like a dream to me. Improving my academic grades and self-confidence is something that I will forever thank COME UNITY for."

Mercy Cheruto Lokorwa, Child Sponsorship

"[COME UNITY] has helped the community to understand that girls were not born to be a bride price but also need education and not [to be] married off at a young age. They need also to be taken good care [of] and given their right to study."

Loyce Piloyia Jeremiah, University Scholarship, Kenya

"when I was not sponsored [by] COME UNITY I had school fees problems whereby I could be sent home due to lack of school fees but as for now I can comfortably stay at school and study without problems. I really thank COME UNITY together with all the donors for helping me pay for my school fees. I really promise that I won’t let u down. I will work hard to give back to the society and also to help other children like me. "

Laura Nampayion, University Scholarship, Kenya

"I come from the Pokot tribe where girls are seen as a bride price to earn the father an additional herd of cows. My family is now at peace because the fight between my parents especially my father to have me married off has become a thing of the past. My younger sisters [are] now encouraged to go to school."

Sharon Chebet, Child Sponsorship, Kenya

"I wish you and your family peace, health and love. Thank you!"

Sifen Dejene, Child Sponsorship, Ethiopia