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  • Name:

    2020 Trip to Africa

  • When:

    Fall 2020

  • Location:

    Ethiopia and Kenya

  • Trip Details:

    Every year a team of COME UNITY leaders and volunteers head to Ethiopia and Kenya to visit our partner communities. We often get the question:

    “What does the team do?”

    The main purpose of our time there is to deepen our relationships, discuss new opportunities, meet with our sponsored children and their families and check in on our basic needs and sustainability programs to see how they are working and how we can improve them.

    “So, you don’t build a school, or serve in an orphanage, or teach at a school?”

    While these are valid needs in many communities, there are willing and able Kenyans and Ethiopians who are more qualified than us to do that work in their communities. We would rather see local jobs created by those needs than do the work for them.